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Ms. Chu is a fabulous teacher. My six-year-old son has been learning piano for a year. He just switched to Ms. Chu this summer. He had a smooth transition with her and looked forward to the next lesson after the first day. Ms. Chu is patient, loving and kind to the children. She is also strict and insists in teaching techniques and good habits. My son had fingering and beat counting issues at the beginning. She pinpointed every issue with good explanations and corrected them patiently. After a few months with Ms. Chu, he has shown a big improvement. She encourages and does not over praise to set the correct expectation, so that every lesson is challenging but not overwhelming. She also teaches him to be patient and respectful. I am glad I found the right teacher for my son and highly recommend Ms. Chu to everyone who would like to play the piano with excellent technique and attitude.
Silvana Chu is the best teacher ever! I have been learning to play the piano since I was five. For eleven years, Mrs. Chu has taught me so much. Playing the piano is more than hitting the keys to create sound. There has to be a drive to express the emotions hidden within the piece. The pianist must be passionate about playing. With each different and difficult but beautiful composition, she has taught me to be patient, to play from the heart and to never ever give up. She is an amazing teacher and extraordinary person. I am proud to be her student. She is like my second mother. Thank you, Mrs. Chu for everything. I love you.
Better & Improved
Before coming to Silvana, I can hardly hold a tune and I'm very nervous & shy about singing. But I have been making steady and much progress ever since started lesson with Silvana half year ago. Professionally, Silvana is a very competent music teacher. She is one of "not too many" professional singer who not only can sing, but also teach beautifully. She can somehow explains and beaks down the abstract nature of singing into small and concrete steps for her students to understand and follow. She made singing seems logical and manageable for me! Thank you so much Silvana!
Silvana Chu has been teaching my children piano for almost two years and she has been amazing. My two children, ages 6 and 7, have very different personalities and learning styles. Ms. Chu is able to adjust her teaching style to accommodate the both of them. She pushes them just the right amount. I have been impressed with how much they have learned. They have both gained an appreciation for music and the piano. I owe that to Ms. Chu.
Dear Silvana,

Yesterday was the school performance. My daughter sang beautifully, it was such a joy. And I cannot tell you how many compliments she received.

But what I wanted to share with you most is that many mothers asked "what happened" with my daughter since they know her, from previous performances, to be an "ordinary and normal" girl. Her singing yesterday, however, was incredible.

I told everybody that we owed this change in her to you, that her singing improved so much within just a few lessons with you.

Thank you, thank you!
Dear Ms. Chu, I am so thankful to have someone like you in my life. My love for playing the piano started when you became my piano teacher 15 years ago. When I first played the piano, I was playing notes, but you taught me to play music. I remember it being hard for me to play "with feeling" but as the pieces became more challenging and more beautiful, I was driven to play better. You guided me through my music career: assigning me finger exercises, scales, rhythm, counting, using the metronome, and helping me connect to the music through dynamics. It was very difficult sometimes to play the piece correctly or find time to practice in my busy academic schedule, but you tailored your teaching style and methods to me at my own pace and knew how much I was able to do. I am proud to play the piano and have learned so much. You are truly a phenomenal and amazing teacher and will always have a special place in my heart as my second mother. Whoever is your student is truly a lucky person.
Silvana Chu is the BEST teacher ever. She has been my teacher since I was 5 years old and to this day as a 19 year old, not only has she been a teacher to me but my mentor and a second mother to me. She is super patient and understands how to motivate her students to play the piano. Not only has she taught me how to play the piano, but also has taught me so many life lessons. One of the lessons that I remember everyday is to never give up no matter how hard a piece (or life) may get. As a current college student looking back at my high school years, I'm so happy that I never gave up playing the piano even though my studies would take up most of my time. Ms. Chu would work with me at my own pace so that I was able to balance out my music and studies throughout my four years in high school. I'm so glad to have had her as a teacher and now as my mentor.

I love you Ms. Chu!
Silvana Chu has been a fantastic teacher for my 5 year old son. She is patient and highly aware of my son's tendency to not focus (like most 5 year olds). Not only has Ms. Chu teaching my son piano, she is teaching him how to focus and to play the piano the right way. My wife and I couldn't be happier with Ms. Chu!

This is my five year old's first experience with a musical instrument. I chose piano for the discipline I knew it would instill in him. Silvana has been quite amazing, extremely helpful and has the patience of a saint. I would recommend her for old and young students alike.